 C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and L-band options 
 Coverage throughout the Caribbean and North Eastern tip of South America
 Local Support for all products and services [GVF Certified]
 Cellular Backhaul and Small Cell site options with VSAT
 VSATs with fiber-like Bandwidth in excess of 250Mbps and < 200ms latency

 Radio hardware, antennas or cabling for UHF or VHF radios
 Uniden, Icom, Garmin or Motorola

 LTE and WLAN technology offers a secure, powerful solution for wide-area communication.

​​ Our portfolio comprises  solutions that deliver ultra-rugged, ultra-secure connectivity.

​​ Drone detection and site security

IoT & M2M






  Our M2M SCADA is an end to end satellite-based remote monitoring platform.
  The platform enables every terminal to provide full Modem, RTU, and Alarm Callout functionality.
  It allows easy, scalable, secure and rapid deployment of satellite-based monitoring & communications at onshore or offshore remote sites.

 We offer telecommunication services for Oil & Gas, Maritime and corporate clients. 

 Crew Welfare solutions with Internet bandwidth in excess of 250Mbps.
 On-demand enteratinment for maritime environment

​ We offer turn-key or customized solutions to meet 

 We have channel partner agreements to allow for lower pricing for our clients
 Turn-key or customized solutions which cater to all project requirements

 Trusted industry leaders, with proven track record across the telecommunication spectrum
 From connectors to terminals, coax to fiber, radios to VSATs