 VSAT solutions are integral for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, as today's organizations are not tolerant to network outages.
 As traditional terrestrial backup systems are often susceptible to the same events that can affect primarily lines, mission critical systems need an alternative that can:

  • Handle typical data and voice call volumes in case of an emergency
  •  Be available anywhere, and at any time, remaining cost competitive to alternatives
  •  Work seamlessly with the rest of the corporate network

 We offer satellite handsets, rugged units, vehicle mounted and mobile trailers [MERs]

​​​ We offer telecommunication services for Oil & Gas and Maritime clients. Whether it's turn-key solutions or temporary field services [Telecom Manpower] to support your Drilling and Exploration Programmes
 Crew Welfare solutions with Internet bandwidth in excess of 20Mbps
 Small footprint stabilized terminals for quick deployment on supply vessels and semi-subs, or fixed antennas ranging from 1.2m to 2.4m for jack-ups and production platforms.



​​ C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and L-band options on various platforms :

  • Auto-Acquire
  • Quick-Deploy
  • Vehicle-Mounted
  • Stabilized and Fixed Terminals

 Coverage throughout the Caribbean and North Eastern tip of South America

 Local Support for all products and services

 Cellular Backhaul and Small Cell site options with VSAT




  With our Real-Time Solution, you always know exactly what is happening with your well,  so you can address and solve the situation quickly.
 The system’s real-time display provides a multitude of information at-a-glance;

  •  Easy to share data with partners
  •  Depth/time log and MWD trajectory display
  •  Real-time geo-steering that is easily readable
  • Custom Visualization
  • Rig Analytics Reporting

  Our M2M SCADA is an end to end satellite-based remote monitoring platform.

  The platform enables every terminal to provide full Modem, RTU, and Alarm Callout functionality,

  It allows easy, scalable, secure and rapid deployment of satellite-based monitoring & communications 

RREMCON is the #1 VSAT service provider in the Caribbean, delivering seamless connectivity solutions to the Maritime and Oil & Gas sector throughout the region. We leverage on our global partnerships and local field resources to offer a range of products and services in support of business critical operations for any Maritime, Offshore and Onshore remote office location. We offer customized, flexible and reliable products in delivering 'best-in-class' Voice and Data services to remote offices. This allows for optimized performance of your operations, whether it be for 'Crew-Welfare' or 'Remote-Monitoring' of a remote asset.